Wednesday, February 12, 2020

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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Doug Burns' Take on Rural Iowa Politics

Why we need more moderates in the Iowa Legislature:
Rural Iowa must aggressively prepare for the future rather than stubbornly wishing for the past.  Nostalgia is a deceptive thing:  the good old days were never as good as we romantically remember them.

Senate District 10 Announcement

Here are some links to coverage of the race:
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Varley Announces Run for Iowa Senate

Warren Varley, an Adair County farmer and attorney, announced today that he is running for the Iowa Senate.

I’m running for the Iowa Senate because we need new leadership at the Capitol,” Varley said. “Instead of focusing on political games and partisan bickering, we need a new State Senator who will work to revitalize all parts of Dallas, Guthrie, Adair and Cass counties. I am committed to helping create good jobs, expanding access to affordable health care, and improving education and opportunities in our small towns and rural areas.”

Varley is running in Iowa Senate District 10, which covers all of Adair and Guthrie Counties; most of Dallas County; four townships in northeast Cass County; and Union Township in Polk County (including Polk City). The seat is currently held by Jake Chapman.

Varley, a Democrat, has more than 25 years of experience as a main-street business owner in Stuart. He is a leader in rural economic development across the district, and was elected president of Midwest Partnership and Stuart Enterprise for Economic Development. He has also been active in numerous community organizations, including Project Restore Foundation, Stuart Library Foundation, Adair County Farm Bureau, and Adair County Memorial Hospital Board.

It is time to invest in creating the future that we want for our children and grandchildren. We must build an economy that rewards hard work, compassion, and productivity, not just wealth and power,” he said.

Varley’s agenda also includes:
  • Making sure that farmers and other rural Iowans are part of the discussions about improving water quality and natural resources.
  • Expanding access to broadband, high-speed internet service.
  • Increasing the state’s investment in public K-12 schools so that more school districts are not forced to close and consolidate.
  • Expanding access to affordable health care and mental health care.

Varley grew up in a household centered on public service. His father, Andrew Varley, served this area as a Republican legislator for 12 years, leading with respect for his colleagues and constituents, regardless of political party.

Warren and his wife Karen met as agriculture students at Iowa State University and live on the family farm in Adair County. They have been married for 36 years, are parents of four grown children, and are active members of the United Methodist Church.

I am committed to listening to and learning from the people of the district. That’s why I encourage anyone to call me at 515-523-2456, or email me at “

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